teach appreach fundraising bracelet  - red jasper and sterling silver apple charm.


what a tough time we are find ourselves in. as we all make our way through the maze that is 2020, one thing is constant and that is our amazing community of teachers and education workers.


that’s why we have created this teach appreach (teacher appreciation) red jasper and sterling silver apple charm bracelet. it’s a way to show our appreciation for all of the hard working teachers & education workers that are helping their students navigate through their school experience, life and specifically the pandemic.


sarah’s mom, dad, step-mom and step-dad were all teachers and many of her friends currently work in the schools, so she understands how hard they all work in the best of times. now that they are working harder than ever before, she wants to acknowledge them by honouring them with the meaningful fundraising bracelet.


$15 from the purchase of each bracelet will go directly to a newly founded sarahannedipity scholarship fund. the sarahannedipity scholarship fund will be available to all orillia area high school graduates who are going on to post-secondary school in education and show a keen interest in the arts and also advocate for mental health awareness.


sarahannedipity has a large focus on mental health and wellness and so we chose red jasper for the bracelet for its properties supporting energy, strength, and emotional stability.


thank you to all the front line education workers. we see you. we appreciate you.




sarah and the sarahannedipity team

teach appreach

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