these original, hand-made fairies urge you to explore the magic in your own life - fairy descriptions below! 


sarahannedipity is proud to support local author, sarah apple, and know that you will love her magical creations just as much as we do


leslie - "he looked at life closely enough to see the collage of colours, which he mixed perfectly to fool them into faith. left alone, to his terror. 292/366. leslie doesn't care for quail eggs."


birdy - "you came back. the trees applauded. they were louder this time, a naked siren song. 217/366. birdy didn't wear green, but she loved velvet more than she loved oranges."


joey - "you were the drawer that sticks. 27-10-19. joey likes to eat plain potato chips dipped in malt vinegar."


nigel - "you are the unexpected mail - the envelope that my long-dead friend sent, without noting my city, or street, that got passed through hands that were greasy, or dirty, or hairy, or incomplete, and somehow made it to my mailbox today, just in time - that made me remember. 31-5-19. pork and beans, hot dogs, raw, cheap, peanut butter - nigel likes them all."


tina - "leftovers of our conversations stained rings in my throat, like an old teacup. 325/366. tina likes peppermints."


francois - "life bunched around his waist in pleats. he refused to wear one that fit. instead, he grabbed at the floor for my cast-offs. 289/366. francois drinks cola with dinner, and breakfast, too."


mark - "the air was too light. I didn't know where I was. 246/366. mark digs for carrots after the first snow."


robbie - "leaves jumped off the ground like springtime frogs, and she named them names like donna and jeff. 319/366. robbie has never eaten pickles.


rita - "he dragged them together - a final time to tie them closer - and the rotting canvas tore away. the dust of the moment tasted like summer. 320/366. rita has never tasted popcorn."


dougie - "you lit me up like a cheap circus toy, with lights that flashed past bedtime, and died before I woke up. 7-6-19. dougie likes chocolate milk, and never dark, and never white."


lora - "walking on clover - the slight bounce of them bending, and the sinking, and cocooning, and the secret surprise of a lucky stem - reminded me of you. 287/366. lora only likes black licorice."


prue - "let me stay in your room tonight. I need to hear your inhale catch. I'll curl up on the braided rug like I used to do. I still fit. 304/366. prue lives on the top floor and blows bubbles out the window." 



sarah apple fairies

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