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these bracelets are comprised of a mixture of 24 stones, including, rose quartz, pink opal, rhodonite, imperial jasper, garnet, red jasper, tiger's eye, picture jasper, yellow jade, amazonite, rainforest jasper, young jade, fluorite, african turquoise jasper, apalite, aquamarine, sodalite, lapis lazuli, amethyst, obsidian, black onyx, labradorite, howlite, and moonstone.


1.  rose quartz

-unconditional love




2. pink opal


-healing heartache



3. rhodonite


-emotional healing



4. imperial jasper





5. garnet





6. red jasper



-emotional stability


7. tiger’s eye

-release fear

-aids anxiety




8. picture jasper





9. jade (yellow)





10. amazonite




-aids anxiety


11. rainforest jasper

-heal emotional wounds


-inner strength


12. jade (young)





13. fluorite



-decision making


14. african turquoise jasper

-positive change




15. apatite

-personal power 

-clears confusion

-stimulates intellect


16. aquamarine



-lifts spirits


17. sodalite


-panic attacks

-rational thought


18. lapis lazuli





19. amethyst





20. obsidian

-truth stone

-psychic protection

-shields against negativity


21. black onyx


-absorbs negativity



22. labradorite





 23. howlite


-absorbs negativity

-aids sleep and dreams


24. moonstone



-feminine energy enhancer

rainbow gemstones bracelet

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