orillia soldiers’ memorial hospital fundraising gemstone bracelet


the corona virus is putting a great deal of stress on front line essential workers at orillia soldiers' memorial hospital (OSMH). we have had some requests for gifts meant for those workers and in response, we decided to design a gift for the hospital as well as the employees. 


we recently learned that because of the virus, osmh has had to start an emergency preparedness fund. soldiers' has created a special covid unit, temporarily transforming a portion of the surgery floor into additional icu spaces. your generous donations will help the hospital to purchase the items necessary to fight the coronavirus, such as supplementary ventilators, icu beds, vital signs monitors and other life-saving tools that will be used by our healthcare professionals to help patients with covid-19.


resources – equipment and needs at osmh:





our bracelet includes grey agate for strength, love, composure and stress-relief. the single amethyst represents the new osmh colour, reminding us that there is hope in the midst of the storm. this is also a meditative stone, said to bring both balance and peace. the sterling silver hand-stamped heart charm symbolizes that osmh is the heart of our community. 

osmh fundraiser bracelet

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