*important note - these photos are for inspiration only, sarahannedipity staff will work with you to create your own custom mala*


make your own "meant to be mala" - you have the option to select any of our 6mm gemstone beads, the silk and tassel colour, and the guru (large centre) bead. 

whether you are looking to incorporate stones with particular properties or your favourite colours, we would love to make your "meant to be mala" dreams come true - email hello@sarahannedipity.com for more info 


what is a "meant to be mala"?

a mala is a sacred piece of jewellery that helps the wearer/user connect to their spiritual power. you can simply wear the mala and reap the benefits of the energy that the stones, wood or seeds themselves contain and/or you can use the mala as a buddhist prayer tool to count matras. meditation and mantra recitation are extremely beneficial for calming the mind and helping to set intentions.


how many beads are on my "meant to be mala"?

it is made up of 108 beads that represent many sacred things, but most notably that the number 1 is your oneness or the singular energy of the divine, 0 signifies completion when the mind is truly empty and the number 8 resembles infinity if turned on its side, so infinite life. there are many more representations of why 108 is sacred. there is also a larger guru bead which marks the beginning and end of your mala. guru literally means dispeller of darkness and it signifies complete oneness with the universe and control of the ego, or enlightenment. the tassel also represents oneness and completion of the mala.


what is my "meant to be" mala made of?

we believe in only using high-quality gemstones or wood, sandalwood and/or rudraksha seed beads and they are always hand-knotted on 100% silk to ensure longevity, durability and in the event you might have it give way over time, you would not lose all of your beads. they are guaranteed, with normal wear and tear, to last.


what is a mantra?

a mantra is a prayer or saying that you repeat over and over again, in this case, 108 times. your mantra can change based on what you need in the moment. examples include: "I am light", "I am love", "I welcome good health".


how do I use my "meant to be mala"? 

you can connect with your divine spiritual energy by reciting a mantra out loud or in your head 108 times (one bead at a time) per practice and you can practice a set number of times in a day or when you feel you need it. beginning with one of the beads beside your guru bead, hold it between your middle finger (your sky finger) and thumb finger (your earth finger). your fingers have connections to the elements and our index fingers (your fire finger) hold a very hot, pointing energy that is actually said to burn out the divine energy of your mala. move the beads down as you recite your mantra 108 times, ending before the guru bead on the opposite side. do not cross over the guru bead. flip over the mala in your hand and continue in the other direction if you choose to repeat your practice.

custom "meant to be mala"