this genuine amethyst butterfly bracelet has been carefully designed to represent the colours and symbols of mariposa house hospice in orillia, ontario, canada. the profits from the sale of your bracelet will go directly to help fund the initiative at mariposa house hospice. your contribution will be greatly appreciated.


amethyst is a peaceful stone that is used during meditation and can bring about balance in the wearer’s life. it is a stone of spiritual protection and can help shield one from unwanted negative energies. it is even said to help one connect with angels. as you glance down at your bracelet, you may think of the healing, positive, and supportive energies offered to those who may benefit from the safe space mariposa house provides for those at the end of life.


the butterfly and initial charm (which can be stamped with an initial in honour of a loved one) are made of sterling silver and are made to last. should you experience any tarnishing, they can be cleaned with a silver polishing cloth. the gemstones are strung on a highly durable elastic that is pre-stretched, triple-knotted, glued and finished with a sterling knot-cover. they are guaranteed not to break, sag as well as to stand the test of normal wear and tear. don’t be afraid to wash your bracelet with soap and water if you feel you need to. 


mariposa house hospice bracelet

    • all of our products are guaranteed for normal wear and tear
    • all of our metals are either sterling silver or 10K gold unless otherwise stated
    • if you experience any tarnishing on your silver, it can be easily cleaned with a silver polishing cloth (available in store)
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    • please allow an average of one week turnaround before shipment of all other items, as all products are hand made by our team.


  • all sarahannedipity gemstone bracelets are strung on a very durable elastic that we prestretch to ensure that your bracelet will never sag or lose its shape! we triple knot each and glue each to prevent the knot from undoing. knots are then covered with a sterling silver ball to create a finished and classic look.