Rose Quartz, Aquamarine & Amethyst

with Sterling Silver Charm


“On April 29, 2011, our daughter Charlee Clare Holmes was born. She was only given a small amount of time in this world with us and sadly, we said hello and goodbye to our beautiful girl in the same day. As parents, you watch your children make mistakes, find accomplishments, find a purpose in life, and grow their own legacy. But when you are the parents of a child who has passed away, those milestones are taken away. The pain of losing Charlee will never get easier for us. But as her parents we know her life, however brief it was, has meaning and purpose, beyond just being our story of pain and loss.”

-Mallory and David Holmes


1 in 4 pregnancies ends in loss. Given this fact, it is hard to not know somebody whose life and family has been touched by a prenatal or infant loss. The loss of a child is something that no person should ever have to endure, but sadly, happens much too often. Often these losses are dealt with in silence with families struggling to find support.


Let’s break the silence!


This bracelet has been carefully hand-crafted by the team at sarahannedipity to using the pink rose quartz and blue aquamarine to represent the colours associated with Charlee’s Run. The purple amethyst represents combination of the two colours as seen in the logo. Rose quartz is helpful for compassion, healing and is symbolic of unconditional love. Aquamarine is a stone that brings about peace, serenity and uplifts spirits. Finally, amethyst is a meditation aid, helps one find balance and also is said to help connect with angels.


The feet charm is made of sterling silver and is made to last. Should you experience any tarnishing, they can be cleaned with a silver polishing cloth. The gemstones are strung on a highly durable elastic that is pre-stretched, triple-knotted, glued and finished with a sterling knot-cover. They are guaranteed not to break, sag and to stand the test of normal wear and tear. Don’t be afraid to wash your bracelet with soap and water if you feel you need to.

Charlee's Run

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  • due to the nature of a small business we can only accept exchanges within 15 days. refunds are not available. that being said, all sarahannedipity products are guaranteed for life! If you ever encounter problems with normal wear and tear, please let us know and we will take care of you. unfortunately, if you damage or lose your jewellery, we cannot take responsiblity for that. thank you for understanding!


  • all sarahannedipity gemstone bracelets are strung on a very durable elastic that we prestretch to ensure the bracelet will never sag and lose its shape. our knots are also triple knotted and glued to prevent the knot from undoing.  we then cover every knot with a sterling silver ball to create a finished classic look. all of our pieces are guarenteed against normal wear and tear for life! xo

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