you can struggle with your mental health “&” still be a valuable human being.

you can struggle with your mental health “&” still be be a contributing member of society.

you can be vulnerable “&” strong.


$15 dollars from the proceeds of the sale of this “&” campaign bracelet/necklace will be donated to help fund and raise awareness for local mental health services and resources.


it’s ok not to be ok.


it’s also crucial that you be able to seek the services you require when you’re really not ok.

if you or someone you know are in crisis, please visit your local emergency room or call 911.

if you or someone you know are stable, but struggling and need help, please talk to your doctor or a trusted professional. 


at sarahannedipity, we strive to help our customers find meaningful jewellery to help them with whatever they may need in their lives. the aqua coloured russian amazonite stone that we use on the “&” campaign bracelets/necklaces is said to help with communication, trusting, and telling the truth. it’s even said to bring good fortune. most importantly, it’s calming colour and cool-to-the-touch feel can help with anxiety and calming emotions. we have added a special sterling silver charm that displays our logo on one side and the “&” symbol on the other. the charm is perfectly imperfect on purpose, because we are all perfectly imperfect.


we all know someone who has struggled or have had our own struggles. our wish is that we can make things a little better by removing the stigma and bringing to light something that has been in the shadows for too long.


“may all beings be happy, may all beings be well, may all beings be safe, may all beings be peaceful & at ease.” - a metta (loving kindness) buddhist mantra 


"&" campaign for mental health

    • all of our products are guaranteed for normal wear and tear
    • all of our metals are either sterling silver or 10K gold unless otherwise stated
    • if you experience any tarnishing on your silver, it can be easily cleaned with a silver polishing cloth (available in store)
    • if items are in store, next day shipping may be available
    • lease allow an average of one week turnaround before shipment of all other items, as all products are hand made by our team.
  • all sarahannedipity gemstone bracelets are strung on a very durable elastic that we prestretch to ensure that your bracelet will never sag or lose its shape! we triple knot each and glue each to prevent the knot from undoing. knots are then covered with a sterling silver ball to create a finished and classic look.