The blue beads of our Building Hope bracelet are Lapis Lazuli, representing honour, wisdom and truth. A sterling silver charm or cube is hand-stamped with the word “HOPE,” flanked by two Labradorite beads, which represent transformation, intuition and protection. Our hope is that the wearer will feel the benefits of the stone properties as well as knowing that their bracelet is helping this important project for those in need of some extra support in our community. 


Building Hope is a project by The Lighthouse being built on our property at 75 Queen St. S Orillia.   


They will have 2 buildings with 2 separate purposes:  

1. The Lighthouse Supportive Housing

2. The Lighthouse Community Services Hub


This hub of healing and wellness is all about creating stable futures.


  • A larger, more efficient space with more housing options will serve more people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.
  • Integrated on-site services for people who already feel vulnerable so that they won’t have to keep telling and re-telling their stories to different intake workers.
  • Qualified, compassionate, and experienced staff will offer supports immediately following intake, helping clients to feel part of a community.
  • Co-location of multiple agencies improves coordination of services and makes them more responsive to a diverse client base with complex needs.
  • The emergency shelter will serve the immediate needs of men, women, youth and families with 40 beds and 5 mental health beds 


* All with one purpose in mind as our Vision states:  "Guiding the vulnerable out of life's storms towards hope" 

Building Hope Bracelet

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